We have a well defined recruitment, training and development policy to ensure that we produce the best guards and guardettes.
• Highly disciplined guards who handle the clients firmly, but fairly.
• Proactive supervisors who are available 24/7.
• Excellent working relationship with the Police if need arises.

Trained dogs are an integral part of our security services. Our dogs train on a 2 1/2 acre plot that is ideal for the best in class security dogs.
• The best breed of guard dogs.
• The dogs are trained by a professional dog handler assisted by a dog master and several kennel attendants.

We provide a wide range of alarm systems including Panic and Automatic/ Intruder systems. Our Panic Alarm Systems are either Basic or Remote Button controlled.
The Automatic / Intruder systems have Magnetic, Vibration or Motion Sensors.
• We have the latest monitoring technology
• Alarm back-up services with emergency response vehicles strategically located at various spots around the city
• Competitive pricing.
• Our systems have tamper loops and micro switches to minimize intrusion by burglars.

Access Control regulates the movement of people into and within the building to help protect employees, property and company information. Our Access Control
products include Proximity cards, Pin, Proximity with Pin and the Bio-metric System.
• You are able to control the access levels.
• You can report the time and date of employee access.
• You can keep track of time and attendance for payroll purposes.

Riley Services is a market leader in providing fully integrated CCTV systems that are managed from a single platform.
• We offer a wide range of products from the traditional cameras to digital recording and remote surveillance.
• Our installations follow international Standards which ensure the best quality of images and durability of the system.
• We protect everything from small offices and schools to large multi-national organizations and high security government facilities.
• We have a strong heritage having served customers for over 20 years.

Our Cash-In-Transit provides convenience to customers who wish to transport cash between locations, efficiently and at very competitive rates.
• We use the latest radio technology and back-up systems to ensure reliable 24 hour service.
• Our vehicles are uniquely designed to provide extra security to your cash and security personnel.
• Depending on specific needs, you can choose from any of the following products; collection, delivery, or payroll services.

Riley Radio Alarm Back-up system is the best in class. It is complemented by well trained personnel and logistical support.
• The Riley Alarm system offers the highest level of reliability as the transmitter systems installed carry out a self-test every 4 hours, reporting the results to the central system in the control room.
• The technical design of the transmitters offer zoning and other advanced features providing the back-up crew with information relating to the area of attack, progression of an intrusion and the condition of the security personnel on the ground.

If you are looking for the state-of-the-art electric fence, come and talk to us.
• We provide a first- line deterrent and early detection of intrusion.
• Life expectancy of up to 10 years.
• The energizers can incorporate solar power sources.