A quick reality-check tells us that false alarms sometimes happen. Security customers have turned to Alarm Response, which brings a patrol guards to your property every time your system goes into alarm. Hopefully it’s a false alarm, and the guard notes nothing out of the ordinary, but if necessary, the guard notifies our Control Room if further action is required. At Riley, your security is our key priority. When an activation signal is received at one of the Controllers, from the Control Rooms will coordinate and dispatch response teams to verify whether the activation was inadvertent or if an actual security breach has taken place.

RSL alarm response services include:

  • 24/7 Control Room monitoring 
  • Strategically based radio dispatched alarm response vehicles that will respond in minutes.
  • Fleet of vehicles equipped with GPRS based tracking systems.
  • Self-testing digital alarm transmitter equipped with anti-tamper device.
  • SMS alerts for client notification of alarm occurrence.
  • Roadside rescue service for clients. 
  • Fire alarm monitoring and response.

The Alarm Service & Radio Alarm Back-up service crews are trained to deal with Fire and Security Emergencies. We track all Vehicles via GPRS. We install State-of-the-Art Alarm equipment at our customer’s premises and receive Alarm Signal in fully equipped Control Room Centres. Data is recorded in the Control Room Centres to allow us to verify Alarm Signals and track subsequent actions taken.

Our Patrol Crew are in all zones of deployment, resulting in 24 / 7 country-wide patrol and alarm response coverage. With a 24 hour control center based in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa, you can berest assured that we have the local knowledge needed to protect your valuable physical and financial assets. 

If you run a business in country wide areas, you have most likely seen our security mobile patrol vehicles visiting premises’ in your area. After all, our expansive security patrol and alarm response team operates across counties every minute of every day.


You can trust our highly-trained and experienced alarm response guards to look after your premises – whether it is industrial, commercial or residential. We monitor our patrol fleet via the latest GPRS tracking and Tramigo technology, so we always know what is happening, and can quickly respond to any alarm or incident anywhere in Counties that we are present. This mobile patrol tracking technology also allows us the ability to provide our clients with evidence of service delivery, ensuring traceability and accountability. This guarantees that the service you are paying for is the service that you are receiving.

Our Patrol serves an extensive range of patrol clients across different industries. Examples of premises that can benefit from a professional security patrol service include:

  • Shopping & Retail Centres
  • Education Facilities such as schools and universities.
  • Financial Institutions.
  • Construction Sites
  • Industrial Sites
  • Factories
  • Commercial Properties
  • Private Residence


You do not have to have a business or commercial premises to enlist our Patrol Division to protect your property; we can also conduct patrols and attend to alarm activations at private residences.

If you are ever faced with a security-related threat, or an alarm has been activated at your commercial business or private residence, our Patrol team can be alerted directly by you, your staff or by our alarm. With multiple Security Patrol vehicles operating in localised areas, coupled with GPRS technology, we can respond rapidly to any alarm or incident call-out.